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   Jianhu Huaxia Hydrawlic Maching Co.,ltd  is located in solving Put wartime the New Fourth Army army headquaters Yancheng city western suburb now, east supervises East China Sea, border on the Changjiang River in the south, bordering on Premier Zhou former residence, Beijing-Hangzhou Canal side in the west, the new long railway newly built crosses Jianhu county of company site , city air route go to Beijing , Shanghai , Xiamen directly from Yancheng, the expressways of national road 204 go to Shanghai directly, Su XiChang, level fields here are fertile and wild, the water areas are broad , easily accessible in the land and water, there is great fame of land of plenty.

    Company produce GB , JB , JB/T , Q/ZB , KJ standard is it connect and UNF whorl standard serial hydraulic pressure bound and in charge of connecting all with DIN to in charge of mainly, it is low, China, it is high, the supervoltage steel wire weaving (twine) the rubber tube always succeeds, hydraulic pressure cylinder, system of pump station of the hydraulic pressure, it has eccentric shafts that the accurate fittings are processed, partial set, partial flange, the end is covered, pull rod , belt pulley, gear wheel, unite the festival of the axle , valve one, press such various kinds of stainless steel one as one ,etc., copper piece , forge piece , aluminium pieces of product process and support such more than 10 trades as petroleum , chemical industry , shipping , coal , metallurgy , project , building , lathe , agricultural machinery , traffic ,etc..

    Been gaining the masses of users' trust with outstanding products quality all the time for many years. ??? Offer high-quality , fast services to vast old and new users wholeheartedly.

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